Custom made Shirts

A well formed shirt is not only exudes confidence, but it is also more comfortable to wear throughout the day. A custom shirt is a big step up from even the best off-the-rack shirts.

Our thousands of shirting fabrics include numerous stripes, checks, patterns, oxfords, pinpoints, and so on. Whether you are looking for business wear, day to evening wear, or tuxedo shirts, we have the perfect fabrics for your purpose.


Firstly, you choose the fabric from our range. Then, you design your collar, including cutaway, spread, round, wing, or button down, and then your cuff. We then take your measurements and send them to our workshop.

After wearing your new shirts you can advise us what you liked about the shirts or didn't like, so we can then adjust your pattern accordingly.

Shirting process usually takes around 3~4 weeks.


Our Made To Measure shirts are entirely made in our Atelier located in South Korea using the best tailoring practices, and the finest Italian & German materials.

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