Dedicated to the art of tailoring

Combining traditional tailoring with contemporary design and finest fabrics, Luxius has personally hand drafted, cut, and fitted Bespoke suits to meet the needs of our clients since 2010.

Luxius is only a few tailor shops in Sydney that can provide hand-made Bespoke suits, and Made To Measure suits as well with finest quality, and competitive price.

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< Hand craft Bespoke suit >

Our bespoke suit is the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring. Fully handmade with your own master pattern drafted in brown paper from scratch by our expert tailors with 40 years experience.

< Full / Semi Canvas Made-To-Measure suit >

It is a fully / Semi canvassed construction that's ideal for fans of fine and soft tailoring. These made to measure suits are beautifully finished to the highest standard. Full canvas is provided to British cloths suit basically, and Semi canvas for other cloths, depending on choices by clients.