Bespoke Suits

Bespoke suit is the ultimate tailored garment, handmade from scratch to the customer's most precise specifications and physical characteristics. Ultimately, it's as comfortable as a second skin, but far more flattering. The experience allows the customer to participate in the section of details that will make the garment uniquely theirs.


Bespoke experience starts with our full set of measurements, noting any particular adjustments to be made to shoulder height differences or hip length, or others, to create a pattern unique to you to rectify any discrepancies.


You will work in the section of your fabric, based upon the needs you'll place on the garment. Then, there are other considerations - the type of lapel, the fabric and colour of the lining, the types of buttons and their placement, the style of pockets, where you would like the vents placed.


In three to four weeks you can come in for Baste fitting.

The baste fitting is the fitting where the suit is very gently tacked together into its basic shape, to allow it to be tried on.

This in turn allows for the tailor to begin to properly adjust the suit and ensure that it fits properly. The customer's paper pattern will be adjusted also, to improve the initial make-up of the garment for future orders.


At this stage, it will look nothing like the finished product. Pockets and lapel facing won't have been added, the entire garments will be covered in lose white stitching and there will be no button holes or lining in the jacket. Trouser will come without a waistband for the baste fitting.

In four weeks after the baste fitting, you can come in for a final fitting, where we'll make sure everything is exactly as you want, and make any final adjustments if necessary.


When you get a bespoke suit from Luxius, we fully expect to look after it for life. We'll welcome it back for adjustments as the years go by, and wear and tear takes off a button here, or breaks a stitch there.

Our bespoke suits are entirely made in our Atelier located in South Korea using the best tailoring practices, and the finest Italian & German materials. Baste fitting is proceeded professionally in our showroom in Sydney.

< Lead time >

* 6~8 weeks including Baste fitting

* 10~12 weeks inc. Baste &Forward fitting (Optional)